Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh, so sweet....

So I'm learning that when you are pregnant, people can be so nice to you, especially when it comes to food!

At Kim and TJ's wedding reception, Saturday night, after an amazing meal and a great piece of cake.....I was sad to see they were removing ALL the desserts from the room!  Tray after tray of desserts being carried out right past my table.  I must have been making a 'what-the-heck-are-you-guys-doing' face because one hilarious woman stopped and said "What do you want!"  I simply and honestly replied "Sugar!" 

She was going to see what she could do.  See what she could do?  She was carrying 25 pounds of dessert on a tray....that's what she could do!  She came back with three dessert choices for me and left them all for me to enjoy!  I helped myself to the strawberry shortcake and shared the rest!

Pregancy has its perks!

And seriously - taking away the desserts?!  You wouldn't see them closing the bar at 8:00pm....why remove the sweets!?

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