Friday, June 4, 2010

San Antonio Vacation Recap

We arrived in San Antonio on Wednesday, June 2nd.  My luggage....did not.

However, that didn't stop us from checking into our hotel, right next to the Alamo and the Riverwalk and heading out to explore.

  • Lunch on the Riverwalk (Iron Cactus, Mexican food)
  • Explored Riverwalk
  • Nap (while Adam went and worked out....psh!  Overachiever!)
  • Mall/Macy's - to buy a new outfit since it was obvious Delta seemed far too confused to make me feel reassured I would get my suitcase anytime soon....
  • Dinner on Riverwalk (The County Line, BBQ food)
  • Walked to hotel in torrential downpour.....seriously.....the hardest rain I've ever seen.
Walk to hotel after dinner - sidewalks starting to flood at spots!
  • Visited the Alamo (Adam, the history buff, quite enjoyed himself!)
  • San Antonio Zoo
  • El Mercado (or Market Square)
  • Dinner at Mi Tierra at market square (more Mexican, yummy!)
  • Met up with Stef, Brandon and friends on the Riverwalk at night to enjoy drinks (I enjoyed my water!)
Adam in front of the Alamo - he's kinda cute....

In front of the Alamo - notice my new airline-lost-my-luggage dress!

At Dick's on the Riverwalk - smile everyone!

I like him.....

[uber relaxing day and about as hot as the Sahara Desert, I'm sure of it....]
  • Luggage finally arrived!!!!!!!!
  • Nap (again, while Adam worked out...)
  • Headed to pool to enjoy the lovely 95 degree weather
  • Got all purdy and ready for rehearsal
  • Rehearsal at St. Joseph's
  • Rehearsal dinner at Casa Rio on Riverwalk (my favorite meal of the trip!)
  • Headed out to bar - Stef's last night as a single gal!
  • Stef gets married tomorrow!!!!
Bridesmaids at rehersal dinner, at Casa Rio

F and PH!  Bride to be!!!!

At MadDogs, British pub.  Cheers to Stef!!! 

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