Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So.....we continue to wait......

I'm currently 19 weeks along and we still have another three weeks to go until the sonogram!  Depending on your method of counting, we have another 21 days until we get to meet baby again!  That feels like a lifetime away!

Understandably, the main purpose of this anatomy sonogram is to ensure baby is developing properly - body, heart, brain, spine, organs and so on.  However, it is hard not to focus on one, specific portion of this ultrasound - the baby's gender!  So 19 days until we discover if we will be welcoming home a daughter or a son - assuming baby is cooperating with legs uncrossed to reveal all!  That's another 19 days of anticipation that my hubby and I will be able to savor the simple fact that we are expecting our first baby - regardless of it being a boy or girl!

It's still killing me to have to wait 19 days still!!!!

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