Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's not ALL bad.....

So I've talked to a few of my girl friends about being pregnant and some of the responses I have heard:

"OH!  I don't think I'll like being pregnant!"
"Eww...no thanks!"
"Eeek, maybe I don't want to get pregnant."

But seriously, how can it be a bad thing.  Yes, for the first trimester, you think you might feel better jumping off a bridge and being knocked unconscious for a few weeks rather than having to sit at your desk at work while trying not to throw up on anyone that comes to talk to you.  And no, I can't drink alcohol or caffeine, eat sushi or ride roller coasters, but does that really mess with my lifestyle?  Don't think so. 

Just think of all the advantages of being pregnant!!!  I'm only starting to realize the half of it!
  1. You don't have to be on a diet anymore!  (still watch what you eat, but you don't have to eat cardboard or be on a cabbage soup diet to drop those last few pounds)
  2. Your boobs get ginormous without trying
  3. You can take a nap just about any day you want and people will let you because...ya know...you're pregnant!
  4. The clothes are amazingly comfortable! (like straight up magical.....)
  5. Your nails become super strong and wonderful!
  6. If you (or eh-hem, your husband) don't wanna go somewhere, if you don't go, it's not rude....because you're pregnant.
  7. Excuse to buy new clothes
  8. People offer you their seat on the bus ....OK, so I don't actually ride the bus, but I'm sure if you stick your prego belly out while on a bus, someone would give you their seat, right?
  9. You get to show off your curves and 'bump'!
  10. You are growing your baby!!!!!!!!!!
So many good reasons to be happy to be pregnant.  I am feeling great and more confident now that I have a bump and you can actually tell there is a baby inside my belly (instead of just a double cheeseburger and two bowls of ice cream in there).  I am so excited to be able to have the next sonogram (in about 4 more weeks) to meet baby again!

DISCLAIMER:  Yes, I am happy right now in pregnancy.  I'm not uncomfortable, I'm sleeping well, I have energy.  I STILL reserve the right to complain later when I can barely walk and no position is comfortable, when my back hurts, my feet hurt, I have heartburn so bad I can't hardly breathe, when the thought of tying my shoes seems like a pastime I will never enjoy again and I am praying for the baby to be born already.  I'm just saying....I'm allowed....

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Meredith Myres said...

Also, don't forget these:

1) You don't have a period!!!!! (pretty damn important)

2)People will let you cut in line in the bathroom once you're huge because they remember the feeling of your bladder about to explode even though you just peed 10 minutes ago

3)People hold doors open for you because you're showing and doors are far too heavy for preggo people

4) People don't look at you funny when you're huge and inhaling all your food when you go out to eat

5) The most amazing feeling in the world is when you feel your baby kick for the first time... it'll bring tears to your eyes

6) The best part: in a mere 40 weeks, you will have horrible pain and pushout something the size of a watermelon out a hole the size of a grape (pretty) (and I hope your Mom will be there and send pictures to us of your vajayjay) and you will look at the most beautiful thing in the world... and it will all be forgotten. You will love something more than you ever have in your entire life. The last 40 weeks will mean nothing... you have something that is medically half of you, but will be all yours forever. It will make you cry because there will be no other feeling in the world!!!!!

I'm so glad you get to go through this. I know my situation was never ideal (lets not forget I made being a single mom ok ;) ) but I would never change any of that!! Being a mother is the best job, and I know you'll be great at it!!!!!! You will look down at that wet, bloody, blob and know the true meaning of love. I know I'm doing a poor job of describing it... but soon enough you'll know exactly what I mean!


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