Friday, June 25, 2010

Is that baby?

So, I am still feeling those "twitches" and I'm about positive what I'm feeling is baby bouncing and moving around in there.  The 'feeling' is definitely isolated to below my belly button and in the right general area, but I can't completely figure it out yet.  I just hit the 19 week mark this week and it's about the right time to be feeling baby but I'm hesitant to get too excited and then wind up finding it's nothing but gas or digestion or that it's actually just what it feels like - twitches of some sort. 

Can anyone help to describe in better detail what I will be feeling when I feel the baby move?  I keep hearing people describe early movement as a 'flutter' like a butterfly's wings brushing up against you.  This is a little more distinct than that though.  I can maybe see the 'popcorn popping' example a little better.  Is this actually baby??

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Hungry Hippo said...

Hey Steph,

Our due dates are 3 days apart and I have been able to feel our little girl for a few weeks now (I have an advantage as it is our second and I know what I am feeling). Go ahead and get excited-I'm sure that is what you are feeling!! :)

(By the way, this is Jen (Heinly) Weiland, my husband thought it would be cute for our user name to be hungry hippo when we started our blog...little did I know that is what would show up if I commented on someone else's blog! Ha!)


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