Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Changes

So over the last few months, I've been experiencing an ever-changing body - which is to be expected.  First, I was hit with morning sickness and the first trimester fatigue - both came and went.  I've already had my share of heartburn, that I can only expect will get worse.  I haven't been struck with many cravings so far, just the normal fatty-bo-batty kind that I've always had.  My belly (and let's face it, my ass) has been growing.  My complexion has gone from pre-pregnancy bad to even worse.  I've put on a few extra pounds than I should at this point.  However, this week I'm being faced with another change - an increasing appetite.

During the first trimester, morning sickness was nothing like I expected.  I had no relief hanging my head over the toilet - only nausea and dry heaving - how lovely, right?  All of this from morning until bedtime. Everything smelled horrible!  I could barely stand to walk into the kitchen from the garage without turning green.  I remember some days I would spend the evening in the bedroom to avoid smelling any food, previously cooked meals or garbage that might be lingering around the fridge or kitchen.  As much as I knew I needed to, the thought of eating fruits or veggies also made me queasy.  I ate a lot of junk.  And to stop myself from feeling even worse, I would eat about every hour to settle my stomach.

I was so happy when the second trimester began and morning sickness wore off and I could eat regular food again!  I was able to go from snacking constantly to eating my normal meals.  Until this week....

While not changing the types of food I eat, I can no longer make it to lunch without a snack without my stomach starting to digest itself.  I am needing a snack in the afternoon too - no chance of making it to dinner.  What's up?  I've been trying to watch what I eat over the last week since I know I had been gaining a little too much, but this is not making it easy.  Understanding that the baby is only about nine inches long, I can hardly consider that I'm "eating for two."  Is this normal at only about 20 weeks?!

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