Sunday, June 13, 2010

So sweet....

So I've recently listed some of the positive things of being pregnant.  Saturday night, I definitely figured out the best part, by far!!

Saturday night, while hanging out with friends and family, while everyone was playing drinking games (beer pong and flippy cup)...[sigh]....I was just hanging out and being entertained by the drunkenness that was evolving right before my very, sober eyes.  Inside the teenage boys played and watched movies. 

Patrick (my brother-in-law) went inside to grab a beer.  These teenage boys were making ice cream sundaes. 

Teenage boys:  "We're making this for the pregnant girl!"

Yes.....what's better than beer?  An ice cream sundae covered in all the magicalness that can possibly fit into one bowl - hot fudge, whipped cream, M&Ms, nuts, chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles.  Yes, please!!  I enjoyed every bite and thanked the boys for my the yummy goodness!

Definitely not all bad AT ALL!

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

Were these random teenage boys or teenage boys you had met? That is sooo fab! HAHHAHA, they called you "the pregnant girl." I love it!


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